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the daydreaming reality..
Wednesday, October 28, 20098:18 PM
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hello hello :D

i now have my tumblr account:


i'll appreciate it if you follow me.

please and thank you.
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i'm building up my dream
Wednesday, October 21, 200911:29 AM
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these past few weeks, the Golden Grain Staff have been very busy preparing for the up coming press con. we've have been lay-outing our paper, and screening to be contestants of the said event.

and yea, its been my DREAM to be part of the press con, my dream since last year when i joined the Golden Grain. well, last year, i was "bigo" to join the contest, so this year i am and is doing my best to become a part of it. as iiin, i'm pouring my guts out na! ket this once lang po Lord, puhleease!

i am currently the COPYREADER of the paper, so yea, i edit and edit, and i'm also the typist of the group. jeez. haha. but no, hindi ako nagrereklamo ha, actually I LOVE BEING PART OF THE PUBLICATION. for real. :D

so, i'm building up my dream..

Pray for me..


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sweetest 16
Saturday, October 17, 200912:03 PM
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oww. yea,ii just turned 16 last October 2, 2009. and yea, it was the best-est birthday ever.

the day started out fine, i didn't sleep till about 1am just to see how will greet me first. so, there, i waited, the first ones who greeted me through was Keith(my classmate), Kim(best friend), Kuya Wewe(kuya2), and Kuya Glen(bossing:]). Then, the fist one who greeted me through call was Spiderpig. weee. Inawitan nya ako, it was so adorably cute! haha. laki ng smile ko nun, abot tenga. :D after nun, natulog na ako. take note, i slept with a smile on my face. *ano kaya itsura ko non? lmao*

when i woke up that morning, it was about 7:30am, my mama greeted me with a kiss and a hug, and so did papa. :D so sweeet!

i did nothing but surf the net that morning. PLURK, FACEBOOK, and a little bit of FRIENDSTER. a lot of my ading2 greeted me through plurk, nakakatouch. as iin! wee. thank you sa kanila! :D

pagka-hapon, ayon, wala parin akong ginawa kundi magnet. haha. pero natulog ako ng saglit, mga 1hr. ayon. pagka3pm, tumatambay ako sa labas ng cafe namin, tambay2 lang, lumingon ako sa kaliwa, then ayoon, nakita ko yung barkada ko, papunta sa direksyon ko, agad agad akong pumasok sa bahay. nahiya daw ako e, haha. hinintay ko nalang na tawagin nila ako. haha. pa-hard-to-get? rofl. haha.

ito ang nangyari pagdating nila:

barkada: *sings* happy birthday to you, happy birthday to yoou ...

ako: *blush* *nataouch* mga buing, di man lang kayo nagtext. hahahha

barkada: surprise nga. haha! anaw!

ako: aw. salamat! :D

barkada: may gift kami sayo lyz. *tingin sa kaliwa* hala, may gift talaga kami for you lyz. *tawa tawa*

ako: *lingon din sa kaliwa* *smile* *tawa* *smile* *SMILE*

barkada: uyyyyy *tawa*

ako: hala. waaaa *blush*

mala-knight in shining armor si spiderpig
bumaba siya ng motor niya.

siya: happy bitrhday. makahiya ui, anjan pala sila. ayos muna ako ng pc na sira. *smile*

*sabay bigay ng kasama nya sa akin ng braso de mercedes, roses, tsaka shirt* *tapos pumasok na sila sa loob ng cafe*

ako: ui. salamat. *smile* :D

barkada: wow lyz. :D

ako: *smile* *SMILE*


super nice talaga. first time ko makatanggap ng mga ganyan sa birthday ko. nakoo.
and ansarap ng braso ha. as in! tinulungan ako ng barkada ko na ubusin yun. haha! ambait nila! :D

after namin kumain, naglaag kami sa usm, sa field. gumawa ng kalokohan, nagtry2 ng high jump, nagtakbo2. parang mga baliw. haha. and the fun thing was puwede akong mang-asar tapos walang babalos sa akin. birthday ko e, wala silang magagawa. haha. ansaaaya!

it was the best-est birthday ever. as iiiin! :D

salamat. salamat. salamat God!


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pressure much
Saturday, October 10, 20095:09 PM
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grrrrrr. exams week. grrrrr


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retreat :D
Wednesday, October 7, 20098:16 PM
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ii just came home from our retreat.
and i'll post everything that happened there soon. :D
i'm so tired na kasi.
maybe this saturday, together with the pictures na. wee

it was so unforgettable!

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my life as a senior.
Sunday, October 4, 20099:54 AM
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calculus, trigonometry, genetics, organic chemistry, physics, english, filipino, social studies, computer science, C.A.T.

yeah yeah, those lots are my subjects this year. calculus? i can swear i heard myself scream from the inside. uhuh. it sucks but i try not to think about it much. my favorite subject, english says boring now, it's all about literature; spain, england and whatsoever. we hadn't undergone any lesson about grammar and language proficiency! grrrr.

okay okay, enough about subjects and school stuff, and now more about the barkada and the lot. where do i start? hmm. we call ourselves as "freaktions". oh, we're not actually freaks so don't worry. we're just plain teenagers who wants to have fun, lots of fun. we went through a lot these days, cause yea, we're graduating and we'll be going on our own separate ways and we'll be leaving each other. grrr. i love them so much!

you know what? my life as a senior has been totally great! yea, opportunities of many kinds have been dropping like raindrops. here and there. wee. so lovin' it! first of all, our thesis, gets to go to the divisions, then it won, and now it gets to go to the regionals! woo. sana tuloy-tuloy na. Thank you God for everything! God's so good! :D


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i'm here, and i'm totally back!
Saturday, October 3, 20096:57 PM
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ii shall return! and i'm here, back, here, again! :D
woo. ii missed blogging so much!
this time, ii will not leave my blog anymore, i promise! :)

a lot has happened, to me, to my family, to my friends, to everything!
uhuh. ii just turned 16 yearterday, SWEET 16 huh? yeeeaaa!
and tmy 16th birthday is the best one yet!
thanks to my barkada, my friends, my family, my spiderpig
and most of all our Almighty God! :D

thank you thank you for all those who
greeted me! as iiin! super ansaaayaaa ko!

i'll be posting more about the happenings in my life
theses past few months. :D


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it's good to be back! =]
Saturday, August 15, 20092:59 PM
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uhuh. you read it right. yep, i'm back.
wee. it's been what, like 3moths i think.
i missed blogging so much! i missed my linkies! woo.

watch out for my upcoming posts! =]
my page will also be having a new look.

see ya. xoxo
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